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Easy and pleasant booking form, without any waiting time by the phone.


You call us, or contact one of our taxis and tell them, that you want to register for an autobooking number. Or else you can send the form from the homepage.

You will be informed about a number to call, where you will have to dial a code when you hear the dial tone. Hereby there is booked a taxi to the address, which is registered in our system with your code.
Advantages for you:

  • You do not need to wait by the phone, if our booking central is busy.
  • You can register more numbers for pick up, at several addresses.
  • You do not need to pay for this service, it is free.
  • You do not need an account or company, to get an autobooking number, it is for everybody, also if you are not the big taxi user.

Download form here.